About Body Toning EMS & Diathermy

EMS – Dieting and weight loss can leave your body weak, damaged and flabby

For the slimming client, EMS can increase body temperature, heart rate and metabolism which promotes energy and fat absorption from the body. Consistent use of the muscles requires the burning of calories. The more the slimming machine is used, the more calories, and therefore fat, is burned away! Stimulating the bodies natural fat burning and toning processes gives you a body which is not only lean and firm but healthy too!


    • Trigger your youth-enhancing hormones to slough away old, dead cells


  • Elevate your metabolic process so you can burn away stubborn, flabby fat and replace it with lean, toned muscle.


woman with tape


EMS involves activating muscles that involve your entire body, so you can activate as many muscles as you can in a short amount of time. It’s completely different from doing traditional isolated body building exercises (like biceps curls or leg curls) where you’re only using one muscle at a time. This form of exercise takes way too long and doesn’t stimulate enough muscle fibers to increase your fat-burning and youth-enhancing hormones.Here’s the key: the more muscles you’re able to activate at the same time, the more you’ll be able to trigger your youth-enhancing hormones. This is why using muscle stimulation that involves your entire body (upper body and lower body) at the same time is crucial.


Diathermy Heat Body Wraps

work wonders in Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction and assisting Weight Loss!! Diathermy heat induces mild perspiration and blood flow breaking down fatty deposits, stimulating lymphatic drainage and cellulite reduction.



(electro muscle stimulation) is a totally natural & holistic way to lose inches and reshape your body; this is an alternative and affordable method of body sculpting utilising the latest evolution of a proven and most successful technology.


For the athlete EMS can increase muscle endurance and strength

EMS treatments can be beneficial to all muscles that are easily exhausted in normal exercise such as the stomach, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms.

It has been shown to improve strength in conjunction with weight training and relieves the side effects, such as intense muscle spasms and fluid retention, that athletes experience following their regular workout.

After normal exercise the muscles become scarred and lose their elasticity and maximum force potential. Electronic muscle stimulation helps to prevent such damage from occurring.