The Method

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We are the new healthy diet! Pro Energy is a complete dietary re-education program with a main goal of maintaining a healthy weight. Clients are already used to counting calories but at Pro Energy we count the carbohydrates

Our Products

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Our products and snacks are designed for today’s lifestyle and are offered in convenient formats which will allow you to easily follow the health plan anywhere. Learn to manage your meals and include Pro Energy in your diet with our wide variety of delicious high quality protein products. The most important benefit of our diet is that you will lose weight without depriving yourself. Do you dream of chocolate? Well go on, indulge yourself…


Critical Elements of Fat Loss

There is a general consensus in the scientific literature that protein stimulates dietary-induced thermogenesis to a greater extent than other macronutrients (e.g., carbohydrates, fat). (16) In fact, protein-rich foods are estimated to boost metabolic rate by as much as 30%, whereas as fats and carbohydrates are typically estimated to be in the 5 – 10% range. (1) As a matter of fact, researchers at the University of Illinois assigned women to either a high-carbohydrate diet or a high-protein diet, both with the same overall calorie intake and calorie deficit. After 10 weeks, both groups lost weight while dieting, but the highprotein group—which simply replaced some calories from carbohydrate with protein— lost more weight overall and nearly double the amount of body fat.

How to Boost Your Metabolism

Not only does a higher protein intake yield greater weight loss, more importantly, it results in more fat loss and greater retention of calorie-burning muscle mass. What’s more, the high-protein group had improved levels of blood triglycerides, better blood sugar management, and reported greater satiety throughout the course of the 10 weeks of dieting. The scientists concluded with the following: “This study demonstrates that increasing the proportion of protein to carbohydrate in the diet of adult women has positive effects on body composition, blood lipids, glucose homeostasis and satiety during weight loss.” (2)

Thus, simply swapping out some carbohydrates for protein-rich foods may be a step in the right direction to boosting your metabolism and improving your health and body composition.


Sophie Gosselin lost of total of 50.4 lbs and 35.5 inches in 18 weeks! Congratulations Sophie!